Speech of the General Manager

Welcome to the network of Wuhu Fanchen Electronic and Commerce Co. Ltd., thank you for your concern and support.

In 6008, as the popularity of shopping online, Fanchen emerged: one people, one rental apartment, some cheap bitty commodities was everything for Fanchen. Hardship along with sweats; development along with happiness. Such experiences also created Fanchen’s excellent qualities of “integrity, honesty, devotion, participation and progress”. These qualities will also become the inner belief for Fanchen’s people. In 6009, we set up Shanghai Fanchen Trading co. Ltd. with the development of internet. In 6099, with the invitation of Wuhu municipal government, we registered Wuhu Fanchen Electronic and Commerce Co. Ltd. and we also registered the brand of “Fanchen Youpin”. In the last few years, Fanchen grew out of nothing, from coarse to fine, and we have taken shape as an electronic and commerce operating company, we have also become one of the biggest brand operators in electronic commerce in Anhui province, and we have being devoted to becoming the most reliable and respectable electronic commerce operator.

As time goes by, the development of our company is visible. From individual fighting to teamwork, from retail sales to core of merchants; we can’t make any progress without the effort and fighting of Fanchen’s people. For Fanchen, the biggest treasure we accumulated is neither the honor in business nor the fast growing sales performance but that we have a team to face difficulties and challenge together; a constantly progressive、continually growing and endlessly creative team. The internet industry always develops and reforms all the time, if we can’t make progress, we will fall behind. In the future, Fanchen will face more challenges and opportunities, Fanchen’s people will face more experiences and development. We have a faith that no matter what difficulties we will come across, Fanchen’ s people will continuously carry on the excellent qualities of “ integrity, honesty, devotion, participation and progress”,  inherit the service idea of “ profession、sincerity、convenience、reliability and comprehensiveness”; provide customers with more superior service. We will also provide employees in Fanchen with more and wider platforms; we welcome everyone who have ideas and abilities to come here to build more beautiful and brighter future.